Monday, December 22, 2008

Computer meltdown!

This has been an unfortunate week for me computer-wise. At work, my machine would not start at all. I ended up having to replace the power supply and a fried stick of RAM. Later in the week, my screen froze up completely, and after rebooting I found the filesystem was corrupted. I spent the rest of the afternoon fscking my drive, which thankfully did the trick.

But to complete the trifecta, this weekend while we were in the mountains on a snowboarding trip, my laptop (which I use for cartooning) booted up to a big blank screen. After some fruitless troubleshooting, I could only restore the factory settings, wiping out all my data and installed programs. The good news is that I have most everything backed up on an external drive. However, I will be a little late with this weeks comic - hopefully I can put it up early this week.