Thursday, September 07, 2006

Witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational comic site

I finally finished writing the various Python and bash scripts that act as the gum and duct tape for this site, so now I plan to settle into a regular weekly update schedule. Look for a new comic every Monday morning, starting next week.

This week has been very busy, fun, and rife with addiction, due in part to the following:
  • The second season of Lost just came out on DVD, so Julia and I have been doing some marathon video renting and TV watching. This series is so addictive it boggles the mind.
  • We recently joined our first fantasy football league, which I found to be more enjoyable than anything involving statistics and AOL has a right to be.
  • The Cubs season is drawing to a close, and they are going out in style, doing what they do best: losing, losing, and losing some more. Yet I love 'em and can't stop following these guys. I figure all this abuse just makes me stronger. As George Will wrote, "Chicago Cubs fans are ninety percent scar tissue."
  • Julia and I spent a great weekend in Georgia, visiting friends in Atlanta, and then running a 5K in Athens. I'll have to post the pictures I took when Kristian, Ed, and I walked around at Dragoncon in Atlanta. How often do you get to hang out with Orcs, superheroes, and Klingons all in the same day?

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