Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Educational Feature

The comic is finally back on schedule! For the last few weeks, I had been slogging through several huge projects at work, while simultaneously looking for a new job. I finally got a great new job, and now I have the chance to catch my breath and sit back in the cartooning seat.

I just finished adding a new vocabulary word feature for each comic. As some of you have noticed, I try to put a "word of the day" in each strip. This may come off as a bit pretentious, but my intention has always been that this comic should have some educational value. Now when you click on a comic, you get sent to the definition of the featured word. Could this humble comic strip be a valid SAT or GRE study tool? Perhaps!

Thanks to my friend Kristian for the idea to integrate the featured word into each comic page. Also I am glad finally to explain why I use big words in each strip, so that maybe I don't seem like such a conceited douche bag.

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