Thursday, January 11, 2007

Hector is a Cat

Apparently there has been some misunderstanding in my office, where The Remonstrance is read with a mixture of disgust, confusion, and indifference on a weekly basis. One of my officemates assumed that Hector was a dog, and he was surprised to hear me describe him as a cat.

Looking back on my catalog of exquisite artwork, I cannot possibly see how anyone could mistake Hector to be anything but the extremely rare male variety of diluted tortie feline that he was designed to be. Sheesh.


Phil said...


somehow I came across your blog Drake.. Been a long long time since you were up here in NC..


Phil said...

I should add... good to see you are doing well. Someone made a comment regarding Hackles to me and it led me to this :)

Drake said...

Hey Phil! It's great to hear from you after all this time! Julia and I just arrived in Denver, CO yesterday, and we're settling into our new apartment. Just had Internet access installed minutes ago.

I hope you and Linda are doing well. I see that is still up and going strong ;). Send me your email addy and let me know what's new - and definitely come visit us sometime in the mile high city!

Phil said...

I rarely update lennytheboxer thesedays.. too busy on other sites - and will work

I loved Denver when I was there a few years ago. Gorgeous scenery. I spent most of last year in Phoenix :)

Congrats on the marriage, I just read it on your site!